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Website development process with WordPress designer CMS

WordPress is open source software that can be easily downloaded and installed for creating a website instantly. It is so fast and easy that a wordpress developer can create a site within a few minutes. There is no need to be a computer wonder-boy to have a wordpress site up and run.

For a wordpress designer the entire process of website development  is quite easy. There are certain stages that need to be completed by the designer. Here i ‘am featuring the five most important steps in a website development process with a wordpress designer.

Step 1- Time To Gather Project Requirements
Suppose you want to make a wordpress website and for that you hire a professional service provider. When the deal is finalized and the quote is submitted by the company, the wordpress developers get the green signal to start the process. The responsibility of the team is to gather information about the specific requirements that you are looking for. They collect all the details and makes sure that the objective of the project is rightly fulfilled.

Step 2- Preparation Of The First Design Draft
When the design team of the company collects all the project requirements, it is time to create the draft design. The wordpress designers prepare the first design draft and send it to you for verification. Now, you have to take a detailed look at the draft and decide what changes or modifications you would like to have on your final output. When you send your feedback on the project, then the real work process of web development begins.

Step 3- Revisions
The wordpress designer keeps on doing the development of the website and in the process the improvement of the project is also judged. The first design draft is kept for the revision purpose so that every new draft comes out better than the previous versions. When such revisions take place repeatedly, the draft starts taking the right shape and wordpress site marches towards completion. Finally, when the site is perfectly developed, it is shown to the client for final approval.

Step 4- Design Draft Approval

After successive revisions and improvements, the wordpress designer sends the final draft of the project to you. You have to thoroughly check if everything is done according to what you have mentioned. If you like the final draft and approve all the specifications of the design, inform the designer about the graphics that you want in your website.

Step 5- Delivery of the Site
The wordpress designer incorporates the graphics in the site that you have mentioned. After that, the site is sent for your verification once again. If you approve the changes and green signal the designer, the project gets completed. The next step is uploading site your hosting server. In this way, the website development process with a wordpress designer gets completed easily.

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