In today’s digital era, having an aesthetically pleasing, smooth-functioning website is a major factor for every successful business. An outdated, slow, or confusing website will have a direct negative effect on your sales and the first impressions of your company. In order to help you put your best digital-foot forward, Ezivera, a web design agency, has compiled three key tips to consider during your website redesign. Check them out below.

Identify what you need to change – and what you need to keep – A website redesign doesn’t need to be a complete overhaul of your branding and image. In fact, it shouldn’t be – especially if you have a sizable devoted set of customers or clients. Instead, use this opportunity to identify places your current website is struggling, whether it’s loading speed, page organization, checkout processing, or visual quality. Once you identify the key problems on your website and understand your branding strengths, then you can initiate a successful website redesign plan.

Define and understand your online target audience- Your business’s target market may be different from what it was when you created your website or was targeted in the wrong ways from the beginning. A website redesign is a great opportunity to analyze, redefine, and understand the audience currently viewing your site and offerings. To start, research where your users are located geographically, who is buying your products or using your services, and seek out areas of potential market expansion for future business endeavors. This information will help your website redesign be tailored towards your target market, with room to appeal to more unique clients or customers as well.

Bring your company into the digital age-  While a website redesign can do wonders for your brands online presence, having a fully-functioning, attractive website these days is the bare minimum. Incorporating content marketing, SEO, and social media into your online footprint can have a major impact on who’s visiting your website, being exposed to your advertising, and most of all, purchasing your products and services.

If your website currently leaves much to be desired or simply isn’t bringing the kind of traffic and business you believe it should, look into a website redesign to see just how much potential your brand can have.